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Opensource Software Customization

It may sometimes be reasonable to integrate Open Source products in the software solutions being developed because of various advantages offered by such products: low cost, scalability and high flexibility level.

Basing on its rich experience in Open Source software integration IDEAS PLUS will provide you with the most efficient solution possible for your needs. Our proficient programmers are experienced in performing Open Source software integration with windows operating systems. IDEAS PLUS can offer you a full range of Open Source development-related services including migration of existing systems to open frameworks and custom Open Source-based development. These services can be provided as a part of a big project or as a single service.

With IDEAS PLUS you can be sure that your software solution is implementing the most efficient and up-to-date Open Source technologies of those available.

Selected Case

OpenCMS Customization

Advanced Content Management System (CMS) based on OpenCMS platform. The platform was customized and enhanced with new functionality to enable comprehensive and secure administration of several gaming portals at a time.

Veiw case