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Avid Teamworks

  • Solution: Corporate Communication Solution
  • Industry: Consumer Services
  • Technology Domain: PHP Development
  • Technologies Used: PHP, phpGroupWare, DHTML, PHP 4, JavaScript

Corporate collaboration tool that enables an effective information exchange inside and outside the company. Incorporating various channels (phone, fax, website, e-mail, etc) this web-based application facilitates multilateral communications with clients. The system contains 4 main modules: projects, documents, contacts and mailings. Additional modules are tasks, notes and discussions.

Commodity Management System

  • Solution: Workflow Management System
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Technology Domain: Java EE Development
  • Technologies Used: Java 5, JavaScript, HTML, JSDK 1.5 + J2EE, Spring Framework, Spring Web Flow, Hibernate QL & API, JasperReports SDK, HylaFax SDK

The solution was developed for a mid-size trading company in Germany. The application aims helping the company staff to optimize the work process: documentation storage, reporting, communication through email or fax, logistics and sales control.


  • Solution: Workflow Management System
  • Industry: Software Publishing
  • Technology Domain: .NET / AJAX Development
  • Technologies Used: ASP.NET, AJAX, Web Services, C#, VB.NET, MS SQL 2000, IIS 6.0

This project was created for a US company engaged in developing and selling complicated environmental health & safety-related software solutions. The system is intended to monitor enterprise personnel’s time and effort consumption when performing different kinds of jobs. The system includes a CRM module used for storing information about clients and history of interrelations with them on the specific contracts. The system provides synchronization with other internal systems, such as QuickBooks and ADP.

Glaskoch Supplies Management

  • Solution: Supplies & Orders Management System
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Technology Domain: PHP Development
  • Technologies Used: PHP, JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, XHTML, MySQL, Apache server, SSL, HTTP, SMTP

This software has been specially designed to optimize and simplify the stock and suppliers management process, allowing the customer to facilitate the process of goods delivering. At the heart of the project is the procurement process presented by several stages: offer making, validation, notifications, delivery arrangements and some other.

ROCA Customer Management

  • Solution: Contact Management System
  • Industry: Construction
  • Technology Domain: .NET Development
  • Technologies Used: C#, JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, XHTML, ASP .NET, XML/XSLT, MSSQL, Microsoft IIS, SSL, HTTP, SMTP

The Contact Management System with advanced contact management, import/export of contacts, clients grouping, advanced search with various criteria, communication tools. The system contains user management tools to assign user rights. MS SQL database enables reliable and effective work with large number of records stored (several millions). The solution is an effective contact management tool that automates the processes and the company workflow greatly reducing probability of human error.